Nefertiti (kuro_rori_ta) wrote,

All my shit plus more shit on the way

So I bought stuff lol

Yesterday I had finally got my Bodyline replica moitie bag and i love it. 
It is alot more stiff and sturdy then I thought it would be.
It was made really well
I have never seen the real bag in real life but this bag could definitely a good replacement for those that can't quite afford brand:)  (like me now lol)

I also got my Moi Dix Mois Pendant!  I so love that.
The quality of it is not bad, it has a good weight to it
I just wish instead of a satin rat tail necklace it was a nice chain but oh well i can change that.
I was thinking of joinning Mon+Amour but I have heard that they haven't been getting their stuff lately. (Shame on your Mana-sama *wags finger*)
I want to join and get a cool binder and Mon+Amour pendant.

I also got my birdcage from mintymuffins and it is really cute.  Sadly the bow came off when I took it out of the packaging.  No fault to her, i think the chain might have cut there the thread but thats ok it was an easy fix and I still love it.  It is quite cute with the black roses inside.  It came very well packaged and even had a cute little eraser, so cute!

So like i said I got stuff lol

I bought an Anne House blouse from my friend amanikitty and I'm going to mod it alittle bit to fit my needs.  Its alittle cutesy right now for me.

I was also thinking of doing a want to buy for a bonnet, I have never been a bonnet person but I had thought it be fun to give it a try and if i look a fool i can also resale it!.

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